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Border Policy Brief / The Border Policy Research Institute (BPRI)

Summer 2011 Border Policy Brief Now Available

Titled « Scholars’ Views on Improving Border Policy, » this Brief summarizes the border-related content from a conference on April 29 hosted by the BPRI’s sister institution – the Center for Canadian American Studies at Western Washington University. A prominent group of scholars spoke about the past, present, and future of Canada-US relations, and many of their remarks pertain to aspects of border policy. Download Policy Brief.

Border Policy Brief / Border Policy Research Institute, fall 2010

The fall edition of the Border Policy Brief is now available on our home page: This edition is titled “Atlas of the Land Entry Ports on the U.S. – Mexico Border.” It is a companion to the Canadian-border atlas we published 10 months ago, and it includes two summary tables regarding cross-border traffic volumes that can be compared to corresponding tables in the Canadian atlas. In the past year we have received requests to focus some attention upon the U.S. – Mexico border, particularly in comparison to the Canada – U.S. border. You may recall that the summer edition of the Border Policy Brief included a comparative summary of automobile traffic at the two borders, analyzed with respect to the impact of WHTI. As we have begun to look at the Mexican border, we have had to learn basic geography, and this Mexican atlas was developed, in part, to help us in our work. We hope it will also be a useful reference tool for you.