Border Policy Brief / Border Policy Research Institute, fall 2010

The fall edition of the Border Policy Brief is now available on our home page: This edition is titled “Atlas of the Land Entry Ports on the U.S. – Mexico Border.” It is a companion to the Canadian-border atlas we published 10 months ago, and it includes two summary tables regarding cross-border traffic volumes that can be compared to corresponding tables in the Canadian atlas. In the past year we have received requests to focus some attention upon the U.S. – Mexico border, particularly in comparison to the Canada – U.S. border. You may recall that the summer edition of the Border Policy Brief included a comparative summary of automobile traffic at the two borders, analyzed with respect to the impact of WHTI. As we have begun to look at the Mexican border, we have had to learn basic geography, and this Mexican atlas was developed, in part, to help us in our work. We hope it will also be a useful reference tool for you.

Unbalanced Reciprocities. Cooperation on Readmission in the Euro-Mediterranean Area, published by the Middle East Institute

Unbalanced Reciprocities. Cooperation on Readmission in the Euro-Mediterranean Area, recently published by the Middle East Institute,.

is available for free download :






– Jean-Pierre CASSARINO: Dealing with Unbalanced Reciprocities: Cooperation on Readmission and Implications

– Paolo CUTTITTA: Readmission in the Relations between Italy and North African Mediterranean Countries

– Emanuela PAOLETTI: Relations among Unequals? Readmission between Italy and Libya

– Silja KLEPP: Italy and its Libyan Cooperation Program: Pioneer of the European Union’s Refugee Policy?

International symposium / In the shadow of separation : territorial regimes and new socio-economic practices

International symposium / In the shadow of separation : territorial regimes and new socio-economic practices

23, 24, 25 novembre 2010, Jérusalem, organisé par Consulat général de France à Jérusalem, Al-Quds University

Symposium program

Tuesday 23 November

Ecole Biblique et Archéologique Française de Jérusalem

16:30 : Opening speeches by Mr. Frédéric Desagneaux, Consul Général of France and Dr. Zaid Zeedani, Vice-President for academic affairs of Al-Quds University

17:00-19:00 Walls of separation in a global perspective

Evelyne Ritaine (SPIRIT/Bordeaux University)
From one wall to numerous walls in a globalized world : a comparative politics approach

Saskia Sassen (Columbia University)
Title to be announced

Wednesday 24 November

Al-Quds – Bard Honors College – main auditorium

9:30-12:30 Space, planning and rights in Jerusalem

Omar Yousef (Al Quds Centre for Jerusalem Studies)
Dilemmas in planning in Jerusalem

Senan Abdelqader (Architect)
Architecture of (in)dependency. Urban planning in the suburban context of East-Jerusalem

Coffee break

Alessandro Petti (Al-Quds – Bard Honors College)
Decolonizing architecture

Sandi Hilal (UNRWA)
Voids of refugee camps

Discussant : Thomas Keenan (Bard College, New York)

14:00-17:00 Territorial regimes and politics

Jean François Legrain (GREMMO/Lyon 2 University)
The political party as a means to by-pass local solidarities

Stephanie Latte Abdallah (IREMAM/Provence University)
Inside/outside. Living and acting on political incarceration after Oslo

Coffee break

Nasser Abourahme (UNRWA)
Spatial collisions and discordant temporalities : everyday life in-between a camp and a checkpoint

Discussants : Laurent Bonnefoy (Institut Français du Proche-Orient), Robert Weston (Al-Quds – Bard Honors College)

Thursday 25 November
Al-Quds – Bard Honors College – main auditorium

9:30-12:30 Trafficking and border economy

Cédric Parizot (IREMAM/Provence University) and Basel Natsheh (Hebron University)
Smuggling and the economy of separation between Israel and the West Bank (2007 – 2010)

Véronique Bontemps (Institut Français du Proche-Orient/IRD/URMIS)
Palestinian work in Israel : between extreme coercion and individual choice

Coffee break

Arnaud Garcette (IREMAM/Provence University)
Olive trees beyond the wall : the socio-economic impact of the Israeli politics of separation on thePalestinian olive oil industry (1993 – 2010)

Discussant : Karine Bennafla (GREMMO/Lyon 2 University)

14:00-17:00 Territory fragmentation and the law

Moussa Abou Ramadan (Carmel Academic Center)
Territory fragmentation and adaptation in the Shari’a Courts in Jerusalem

Emilio Dabed (IREMAM/Provence University) _ A constitution for a non State : Understanding Palestinian politics through the law

Coffee break

Asem Khalil (Birzeit University)
Disintegrating and reconstituting Palestine : The powerful strength of law

Discussant : Raed Bader (Birzeit University)

17:15-18:00 Conclusions

Lieven de Cauter (Leuven University)

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