Nanjala Nyabola, Check your passport privilege, New Internationalist, 4 July 2019

« I’ve recently been travelling around the world to promote my book, which has led to a few routine collisions with the concept of passport privilege. For the untutored, passport privilege is basically the benefits that a person gets in foreign countries because of their citizenship. These range from the predictable – visa on arrival versus having to apply three months in advance – to the unpredictable: preferential treatment from law enforcement officials


My British friends, who easily pick up their Kenyan visas on arrival, are often incredulously surprised that for a UK visa, I have to submit a 10-year travel history, three months of notarized bank statements and health documentation, and submit to other invasive procedures. There is an unspoken hierarchy of passports out there, and those of us with ‘weak’ passports are keenly aware of it. »  (…)


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illustration @Lisa Ritaine, Sculpture de Folon, Giardino delle Rose, Firenze, avec son accord