Journée d’étude “Walls and Wars. Identifying and questioning the military in contemporary border security policies”, Université Saint Louis Bruxelles, 26/4/2019

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Border security implies a degree of militarization of borderlands through the variable use of military engineering, military practices, and routines of patrolling. In the present decade, the banalization of such military tools and practices (even though locally, nationally, and internationally contested) is more generally questioning militarism of societies when dealing with control of territory and foreigners. The conference aims to interrogate the mutual co-constitution of contemporary border security and militarism – broadly understood as how war tends to disseminate into society to become ordinary and determinate political and social relations. Thus, the participants based on their case studies will address the following questions: What are the frames of wars at the borders? Which police and military practices and technologies are used at the borders? Can we trace their genealogy? Which forms of circulation of border security practices and knowledge? A special lecture will also be given at the beginning of the conference by Prof. Anna Stavrianakis (University of Sussex).

illustration@Damien Simonneau, San Luis, Etats-Unis