Niamh McIntyre and Mark Rice-Oxley, The List :It’s 34,361 and rising: how the List tallies Europe’s migrant bodycount,, 20/06/2018

The deaths do not just occur at sea – but in detention blocks, asylum units and even town centres. Here’s how the List is put together.

(…) « Because the data is not comprehensive, as we don’t have records of every incident, the true death toll is certain to be much higher.

“We have no way of knowing the actual number of deaths, but this does show there has been a gradual and very steady increase,” says Thomas Spijkerboer, professor of Migration Law at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. “The major significance of the List is in its signals. It shows that this has been ongoing for 25 years and the people who pretend to be shocked now should have been shocked a long time ago.” » (…)

The List :A project distributing a list of the refugees and migrants who have died trying to reach Europe, compiled by United for Intercultural Action, and in association with the Chisenhale Gallery in London and the Liverpool Biennial

Download a PDF of the List here

illustration @ S. Bonnefille, Lampedusa,2015, programme Médimurs.
Mimmo Paladino,Porta di Lampedusa, Porta d'Europa,  2008