Migrant Women Confront and Resist Sexual Assault on Journey to the United States, Nidia Bautista, globalvoices.org, 20/06/2016


“To reach the United States, many Central American women migrants cross Mexico, where feminicide and the disappearance of women have reached alarmingly high levels. Numerous actors and institutions are responsible for the violence against women and migrants: government officials, smugglers, and drug traffickers, as well as historical, political and socioeconomic factors such as inequality, corruption, anti-immigrant policies, poverty, and increased border militarization.

According to some investigations, 80% of Central American women and girls who attempt to cross Mexico are raped.

There is a crisis of missing women in Mexico. Violence against Mexican women has overwhelmed cities like Juarez and Mexico City for years, where disappeared women are found murdered or never heard from again. Just in the Mexican capital alone, 187 reports of missing women were filed in a three-month span earlier this year. Many women are thought to be victims of feminicide—the term for gender violence that describes the murder of women because they are women. (…)

In a press briefing earlier this year the UN Refugee Agency called for a stepped-up protection response and a regional approach to sharing responsibility for the migrant crisis.

“UNHCR considers the current situation in Central America to be a protection crisis. We are particularly concerned about the rising numbers of unaccompanied children and women on the run who face forced recruitment into criminal gangs, sexual- and gender-based violence and murder,” said UNHCR spokesperson Adrian Edwards.”


photo @UNHCR Markel Redondo