From one wall to numerous walls in a globalized world: a comparative politics approach / Evelyne Ritaine, 2010

From one wall to numerous walls in a globalized world: a comparative politics approach / Evelyne Ritaine, Centre Émile Durkheim-Sciences Po Bordeaux (France)

Presentation to the symposium « In the Shadow of Separation : Territorial Regimes and New Socio-economic Practices », 23-25 november 2010, organized by Consulat Général de France in Jerusalem and Al-Quds University, Jerusalem.

 » The task I have undertaken in my presentation is a little strange, since I will deal with various walls existing in the world, here « in the shadow of separation »…

So, I would like to briefly present my research experience so that you can understand how and why I got interested in contemporary walls. For many years, I have investigated the field of migration issues, especially in Southern Europe. As you know, these issues in the European Union are animated by a double political movement. An inclusive movement refers to migrant social and political integration, which brings along a whole set of problems. An exclusive movement refers to the political will to sort out from one another those who wish to enter the European space : we should keep in mind that European borders have heavily been armored, these past years.

This observation brings me to the awareness of the multiplication of walls in a globalized world, which would be, in the ideology of liberalism, a world of free movement for goods, capital and also for people. But in reality, walls are always erected against people.

From a European and democratic point of view not only is this contemporary wall proliferation startling, but it also triggers an ethical issue. Therefore, I am currently trying to think about the political background and the political effects of these walls in a globalized world. And I define all these political aspects as wall politics. …


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Crédit photo : Evelyne Ritaine, Le mur depuis Al-Quds University, Jerusalem, novembre 2010