Connected Walls, online documentary experience, 2014 november

connected walls2

Be ready to break walls online on the 9th of November 2014!

Préparez-vous à briser des murs en ligne le 9/11/2014 !

¡Rompamos los muros el 9/11/2014!

  » On November 9th 2014, we’ll celebrate the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall. Past history? Not really… 41 walls are still separating communities worldwide.

 « Connected Walls » is an online documentary experience that explores lives of populations divided by separation walls right now in 2014.

 Over 2 months, « Connected Walls » will be a live experience. 2 film crews, each composed by 2 local directors living on each side of the walls will co-direct a new 5 minute-movie released every 10 days using the wall as a backdrop, the ultimate frontier.

« Connected walls » is also an active experience for all web-users that will comment, share, and decide what the content of the next video should be!

 We want to raise awareness and stir a debate about the validity of separation walls. Our ultimate mission is to instigate citizen participation, advance cultural dialogue, and help younger generations build a more peaceful future. »

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