Call for Papers : Border Studies Guidebook, 2014 october

The editors of a Border Studies guidebook in the making are looking for prospective authors who might be interested in writing a brief (max. 6.000 words) chapters focusing of on 1) The borders in Europe, 2) The borders in North America and 3) The borders in Australia and Oceania.

 Typical plan of a chapter of the guidebook

 The history of the borders: Key events (formation of states, accession / loss of territories by states, border agreements) in the development of the spatial configuration of borders within the region (at least since the beginning of XX century). The transition from pre-state (frontiers) to state borders.  Existed in the region types of state borders (imperial (limes), linear (Westphalian), transnational (post-Westphalian)) and periodization of change (in the structure and functions of borders).

Border conflicts: Current conflicts over the location and functioning of the borders (the participants, their objectives and methods, dynamics). Typological features of the conflicts in the region (local and inter-state border disputes; political and armed border conflicts; other  typologies). Impact of conflicts on the borders themselves and the states (societies) involved.

Development of transborder relations and regions: The volume and intensity of transborder (economic, migration, cultural and political) relations between the countries of the region (non-state actors). Long-term dynamics of transborder relations, ups and downs. The formation and development of the border regions (preconditions and factors of these processes, and their stages).

Border and transborder policies: Features of border policy in the region. Subjects, goals and means of state border policies in the region, its legal and institutional framework. The emergence of transborder policies (actors, goals, means and bases of management of transborder regions).

 The guidebook project is headed by Anton A. Kireev from the Far Eastern Federal University (Vladivostok, Russia).

 If you are interested in being a part of this interesting book project, please contact me and I shall be glad to provide you with more details.

 Dr. Jussi Laine

Executive Secretary and Treasurer of the  Association for Borderlands Studies

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