Yemen’s Torture Camps, Abuse of Migrants by Human Traffickers in a Climate of Impunity,, 25/05/2014

yemenThe report documents harms suffered by migrants, most from the Horn of Africa, who try to travel through Yemen on their way to Saudi Arabia for work. Human Rights Watch found that various Yemeni security agencies in the border town of Haradh, where dozens of camps exist, and at checkpoints, allow the human trafficking industry to flourish with little government interference.

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Yemen faces influx of illegal African migrants, Saeed Al Batati, Gulf News, 1/06/2014

” There are fears that some Somali members of Al Qaida could sneak into the country posing as immigrants

Yemen has said that hundreds of African immigrants have continued to flow in through its coast despite the insecurity that rattles the country.

 The Ministry of Interior said in a statement on Sunday that as many as 2,500 African immigrants, including 65 children and 150 women, arrived in Yemen last month. The ministry said that the immigrants sailed in small boats from the Somali Bosaso sea port, and 1,500 of the Africans were Ethiopians and the rest were Somalis.” (…)