Contested Spaces Video Project / Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Sydney

This project presents an archive of ten minute video talks by academics, journalists and United Nations personnel on territorial and identity issues around the world.

The project is headed by Simon James, audiovisual producer and archivist for Forced Migration Online at Oxford University and is coordinator of Talking Borders, an online audio talks archive on boundary issues held at the Centre for International Borders Research, Queen’s University Belfast

en voici une sélection (accès à toutes les vidéos ici) :

Across the Border: Uyghurs in Kazakhstan (December 2009)

Silk Road to Guantanamo: The Story of Adel Hakimjan (September 2009)

West Bank Stories: Palestinians in Bethlehem (December 2007)

Chishima: Frontiers of the San Francisco Treaty in Hokkaido (September 2006)