Checkpoint of the Future : dream or nightmare ?…

Checkpoint of the Future :

 » Passengers should be able to get from curb to boarding gate with dignity.

That means without stopping, stripping or unpacking, and certainly not groping.

That is the mission for the Checkpoint of the Future.

We must make coordinated investments for civilized flying. (…)

That means moving from a system that looks for bad objects, to one that can find bad people« 

(IATA director general Giovanni Bisignani, 2011)

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IATA 2011: Five-second airport security scanner unveiled,, 07/06/2011

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Airport Security Checkpoint Of The Future Unveiled,, 10/07/11

« … The new system has passengers walking through one of three 20-foot tunnels, marked « enhanced, » « normal » or « known traveler, » a reference to programs in which fliers submit personal data before flying in exchange for lighter scrutiny at checkpoints. Equipment in each tunnel would scan passengers as they walk through — meaning no more x-ray machines, emptying of pockets or removing of shoes and jackets.

TSA chief John Pistole says his agency is generally on-board with the idea, telling the Mail, « It’s an idea clearly worth consideration as technology develops. Segmenting the passenger population for different levels of security screening is exactly what we’re pursuing… »

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