Eric Karstens, Why Mainstream Migration Journalism in Italy and Spain Is Failing,, 14/09/2018

 “A new study reveals a dangerous gap between journalists’ desire to report in a fair and balanced way and the deteriorating media. Political interference in newsrooms is distorting refugee coverage” “Talk to Spanish and Italian journalists about reporting on refugees and migration and a single common sentiment emerges. “I wish to give a voice to the voiceless and record the unrecorded,” an Italian journalist told us. It echoed what a Spanish colleague had said: “It is necessary to give a voice to people who don’t have it.” These statements reflect the self-image of many reporters in the two Mediterranean countries where many migrants first arrive in Europe. Across the political spectrum, Spanish journalists and, to an even greater extent, Italian journalists, tend to identify with the disadvantaged and powerless. But a new academic analysis suggests that when it comes to reporting on migration, their noble intentions conflict with everyday practice. The authors of a joint study by the European Journalism Centre, the University of Oxford and Budapest Business School spoke with journalists, public relations officers and other media practitioners, delving into their motivations and methods, as well as the challenges they face. (…) So where does the disconnect between the intention to report fairly on migration and the resulting media coverage – which reporters themselves often characterized as prejudiced and unfair – come from?” (…)

illustration. E. Ritaine, Enigmur