Call for papers « Humanitarian non-state actors at the EU border », CES Conference, Glasgow, July 2017

This is a call for papers for a panel proposal for the 2017 CES conference – Glasgow, 12-14 July 2017

Paper proposals should be sent by Friday 30 September  to

Humanitarian non-state actors at the EU border

Humanitarian organizations and other non-state actors operating in the name of humanitarian values have become increasingly important players within the (delocalized) EU migration and border regime. They include UN agencies as well as international and intergovernmental organizations, large international as well as small local NGOs. They carry out their humanitarian borderwork in the territories of countries of origin, transit and destination, as well as in international waters. They criticize as well as support states, and they follow the logic of containment as well as that of reception and protection. Thus, they contribute to the construction and transformation of the delocalized EU border. This panel analyses the role of humanitarian non-state actors from specific perspectives, which may include (but are not limited to):

– The different logics of the EU border regime (from containment to reception and protection) served by humanitarian non-state action.

– The different funding sources (e.g. EU schemes, national development aid, private donations) supporting humanitarian non-state action.

– The impact of humanitarian non-state action in terms of delocalization (or counter-delocalization) of the border in international waters as well as in the territories of the countries of destination, transit and origin.

– The political dimension of humanitarian non-state action. Do humanitarian non-state actors contribute to the process of depoliticization of the EU border or are they able to develop practices of repoliticization?

– Power relations between state and non-state actors at the EU humanitarian border. Do humanitarian non-state actors contribute to processes of denationalization, renationalization or hybridization of power?

Paper proposals should be sent to by Friday 30 September.

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