Operation WatchTheMed

 WATCH the MED  Monitoring the maritime borders of the EU

” WatchTheMed aims to increase accountability for the death of migrants and the violations of their rights at the maritime borders of the EU.

In order to do so, it monitors and maps in almost real-time reported cases of migrants in distress at sea, failures in legal obligations towards them and deaths. It inscribes these incidents within the complex political ecology of the Mediterranean, with a special focus on the Strait of Sicily.

WatchTheMed is a collaboration between the Forensic Oceanography research project at Goldsmiths College and Boats4People, a campaign led by an international coalition of NGOs aiming at bringing an end to the death of migrants at sea and foster solidarity between both sides of theMediterranean.

This map is a pilot project that started operating in July 2012. Help us monitor the maritime borders of the EU, submit a report here or send us an email at: obs@boats4people.org